A busy week!


It’s been a busy sort of a week! Last weekend I was at Waters’ Edge Visitor Centre Christmas Craft Fair; it was really well attended and it was lovely to see so many friends again. A young man called Benjamin came over to see me, he’s utterly charming and I first met him at the Artisans in Action event at Forest Pines last April. He reminded me that I had said I would try to develop a hat which would contain his Rasta dreadlocks but would also continue to expand as his locks grew! I’m on a mission now ….. first job for 2016 will be experimenting with expanding hats – in Rasta colours, so keep looking in to see how I get on!

I’ve also been busy in the kitchen ….. I’ve got the sprouts on the boil for Christmas lunch! I’m a day or too late this year as I usually have them going by Halloween but friends have reassured me that all should be well and that they should be at the peak of perfection by 25th December ….. I just have to remember to keep topping them up with some more water, don’t want them boiling dry!

On Wednesday evening I was at Bilton Village Hall for the first of a series of shopping evenings presented by Eden Hull and Prospect UPmarket and organised by the wonderful Eve Lomax.


There she is smiling away! What an evening that was, only 3 hours but packed full for the first two and then a bit slower for the last hour. It was also the third anniversary of UPmarket starting so much catching up with others friends and traders went on. I was delighted to be next to Helen Davison, also known as Arty Aitch


…… there she is – looking a bit wary about having her photo taken! On Helen’s right was Nichola Foster, another regular trader


……. she managed to avoid the camera that time but I got her and Helen just before we started plotting the mugging of Eve the organiser! Eve was somehow managing to oversee 4 different stalls just behind us and was taking money at a phenomenal rate; we were a touch envious and there was a lot of giggling and teasing going on!  IMG_0090

To complete the mayhem and madness we also had the pleasure of Erica Jayne Wilson at our end of the room …….


…… here she is setting up her jars of goodies. When the evening quietened down we took turns in going round and trying out some samples, it would have been a waste if we hadn’t!!!! They were very scrummy!

After all this excitement I was ready for a quiet day on Wednesday, which it was, until I turned the oven on to bake an egg and bacon pie for tea; there was a bang followed by lots of blue flashes and sparks!!! Good thing the pie wasn’t in there as it wouldn’t have been a good result! We’ve had this oven for about 16 years and it has blown elements since the day it was out of it’s guarantee period, so as you can imagine we are experts at replacing them. We always have at least 2 spares in Mr G’s shed and our fastest time for an element refit was 23 minutes; this time we were slightly handicapped by Mr G’s dodgy knee which slowed us down to a reasonably respectable 35 minutes!

Thankfully Mr G has agreed that the time has come for a new oven and although there will have to be a few minor adjustments in the kitchen (Mr G designed and built it, out of real wood, so he knows how it all fits together!) I’m looking forward to cooking Christmas dinner without the worry that we might have to change the element halfway through!


This weekend, Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th November, I’ll be at Ottringham Village Hall for the South Holderness Craft Group Christmas Fair. There’ll be lots of unusual and unique handmade gifts for you to choose from and we’ll all be there from 10am to 3pm both days. Some of the stalls are only there for one or other day so you could call in both days …. !! Homemade refreshments will be available both days so you can have a sit down and a cuppa while you decide what to buy. I really hope you can find time to call in to this friendly, well established and very good quality event, the organisers go to a great deal of trouble to ensure that there are no bought in goods on sale at these events.

Hope to see you soon, now I must go and check on those sprouts!

Alison xx





6 thoughts on “A busy week!”

  1. Ha ha! Great blog post, Alison. It was a pleasure and very reassuring having you and Nic either side of me the other night. Shame we didn’t get to carry out our mugging plot, though eh? 😉

  2. My word, you are a busy lady. Hope you have a good weekend tomorrow and Sunday.
    Don’t forget to top up the sprouts before you go out.

  3. Brilliant blog post as always you really do have a way words as well as fabric and texture and colour- well actually if one considers it you are weaving a textured story full of colour using words. Anyway I just thought I’d say that’s an excellent pic of my cleavage. Very well done and also gosh it was a delight to see you xxx

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