An Autumn walk



I’ve always found working to a theme a bit of a challenge and in a couple of weeks I’m taking part in an exhibition called ‘Seasonal Shadows’. Back in the summer I didn’t really think I’d have any trouble with this one – but oh dear ho hum and all that …… my inspiration levels are at zero. I have four pieces ready so if the organisers are reading this – don’t panic!!!! I just feel I haven’t really done the subject justice. So I took myself and my trusty little cheap swag pocket camera out for a walk in the village this afternoon to see if I could raise the levels a bit.


Our village isn’t renowned as a beauty spot but I did find one or two little gems to share with you; these are sycamore seed heads not yet ready to fly like little helicopters as they fall to the ground, I think the colours are just wonderful.


There are lots of seed heads at the moment, this looks like thistledown but look at a bit more closely…….


….. and a bit more


Then there are these beautiful ivy seed heads ……


A glorious mix of shades of green ……. and you’ll never guess what this next one is


Close up of a nettle – no wonder they sting so much when they brush your skin, if you look closely on the right of the picture you can see the little hairs that do the damage!


Then of course there were brambles but as the freezer is packed to the gunnels with brambles from the garden, I just took a picture and left them for someone else


and the birds! Watch out for the tell tale signs on your car; what is now politely referred to as ‘bird lime’ but we all know to be ‘bird something else’ takes on a dramatic shade of purple when the birds have been feasting on the autumn bounty of berries!

You may have noticed that there are masses of cobwebs hanging outside from everything to anything, a morning visit to the garden means walking with my arms flailing wildly so as to bring the cobwebs down before I walk into them (the neighbours already know I’m bonkers so they just ignore me!) Cobwebs in the face are nearly as bad as cobwebs in your hair – you always think they might just have a passenger …….


Sorry!! Hope you’re not screaming too loudly – it’s only a photograph, I had to get very close to this to get this shot. Mr G tells me that all spiders are venomous but reassures me that it would take an enormous amount of spider venom to even make me itch …… maybe so but I’d still rather not have cobwebs in my hair!!


To finish my walk I had a quick visit to the churchyard where I stood by my grandparents’ grave and remembered happy times of childhood and saw these – fabulous autumn cyclamen flowering all around; then back home. On my way I saw an even bigger spider than the last one but it skittered off into the shelter of a tree before I could get a picture!




Alison xx



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