At last it’s done!

I really think I need a drum roll here because at last I’ve got the website looking a bit more respectable! Whoo hooo!

On a grey Saturday afternoon I had the choice – tackle the ironing mountain or tackle the website! Result – ironing mountain ignored, website sorted …. I think!?? You’ll be able to see any mistakes more clearly than I can so I trust you’ll let me know if I’ve made any or if things aren’t working properly!


I’ve done my last two craft fairs for this year, this was at Ottringham with the South Holderness Textile Group where I caught the organisers plotting over a well deserved cuppa ….. it was lovely to see some long standing craft friends including Hayley who was showing me how to spin on a drop spindle (I need more practice), Kay who was borrowing safety pins, Hilary with me in the naughty corner again ……. giggling and eating cake like we do ……


…….. and Debby and her lovely bears – you should take a look at her Facebook page Bearlescent ….. it’s gorgeous!















Mr G has managed to keep the sprouts going (see previous blogs for the background to this!) while I’ve been out and about enjoying myself and although I say it myself – they are looking excellent, another 26 days and they’ll be perfect!

Mr G has been doing a bit of joinery in the kitchen and he hasn’t managed to cut himself yet! He’s having to move a few things around in order to make a big enough space for my new oven, which is to be delivered on Wednesday – I’m so excited!! A double oven indeed – with self cleaning liners in both ovens – oh bliss and joy! Our current oven has developed the habit of blowing the element, giving off a loud bang and blue flashes, we’ve changed three this year and decided that enough was enough and it would have to go! I’m living in hope that the new one will be installed and in operation for me to learn how to twiddle all the knobs and things well before the turkey is due to be cremated!

I’m off to create something spectacular for supper – if it’s not overdone or with black crunchy bits it will be spectacular – I must be the only person in the village who can burn an omelette and my skill at ash burgers is written into family history!!

Eeek! ….. the sprouts! …… must dash

Alison xx










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  1. Hi Alison, well done! This is lovely and I really enjoyed catching up on your antics. Wishing you oodles of luck and success, thank you for your lovely words about my bears so nice of you to mention them. Sometime in the future when I eventually decide on a website I may have to call on you for inspiration, tips and help. Debby Xx

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