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I know that it’s all been a bit quiet from Shed HQ recently. I do tend to hibernate every year in January and February but 2016 has presented us with a selection of challenges which we’ve had to deal with as a matter of urgency; so to all my friends and followers who think I’ve forgotten about them – I’M SORRY!! I haven’t forgotten you and I will get back to you just as soon as I can xxx

You may remember back in the mists of time that Mr G’s knee had been causing him some problems and much frustration because he couldn’t  play with his new pole lathe! Thankfully he has had “the operation” and is now recuperating well. We decided that an outing and a bit of gentle exercise would be a good plan on a lovely sunny day so we trundled off to Beverley this afternoon for coffee and a bun – and to have a quick look at the East Riding Open Art Exhibition in the Treasure House where one of my pictures had been hanging since December.




Rock Pool



I am utterly amazed and not a little excited to tell you that it has a red dot next to it! It’s been sold! You could say that I’m chuffed to little mint balls and hope the new owner enjoys having it as much as I enjoyed creating it!




Detail of some of the tiny shells and beads



I’ll stop showing off now and go back into semi hibernation! The grey wet weather and lack of sunshine do me no favours mentally and the slowly lengthening days are finally starting to make a difference, thank goodness!

So tonight Mr G and I are going to have the bottle of fizz we were going to have on New Years’ Eve – until one or two things got in the way ……  Chink chink and a very Happy New Year to you all!

Alison xx





5 thoughts on “Exciting news!”

  1. Hi Alison, good to catch up with your latest blog, hopefully you have finally sorted everything!! warmer weather and brighter days on the way soon so you will have no excuse but to retire to the shed. Exciting news that your picture has sold..well done !

  2. Congratulations on the sale of “Rock Pool”. I remember how enthusiastic you were about it when it was in its final stages. Nice to hear MrG is progressing nicely – hopefully the pole lathe will be in action again some time soon. As for the fizz – enjoy :). K and I had determined we were going to have, on Christmas Day, one of the bottles of fizz that has been lurking in our store room for goodness knows how long. However, our lunch visitors brought a bottle of fizz but as neither of them were drinking that one didn’t get opened either! We’ll get round to them one day 🙂

  3. Hi Linda, it’s a surprise to me that the fizz has lasted in the rack since New Years’ Eve! I’m so delighted about the sale, I was wondering when I would have time to go and collect the picture next week at the close of the exhibition – now just have to await the arrival of the cheque in the post!! 🙂

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