Mr G …… again!

Mr G is a worried man … he’s concerned about his fans and that they might be wondering if he still exists because there was no mention of him in the last blog. I can assure you all that he does still exist and is sitting next to me at the table as I type.IMG_0169

To use his own words – he has a ‘malfunction’ – and it is preventing him from playing with his pole lathe and he is not a happy bunny! Mr G has had a rickety right knee for some time (something to do with his advancing years I think!) and has a support for it which we refer to as his ‘truss’ (he has a matching ‘truss’ for the other knee to support it when it has to take the extra strain). We had decided to visit Staithes for the Arts Festival and he mentioned that his knee was uncomfortable so would wear his ….. now what is the plural of truss – trusses or trice? – anyway with both knees suitably supported off we went to Staithes. We knew Staithes was a traditional fishing village with hills and cobbles and we meandered around for a couple of hours, making a brief stop for the knee trusses to be removed as “they aren’t doing any good”. Mr G was getting more and more quiet as the afternoon went on and I suspected all was not well but he’s a stubborn so and so and doesn’t like to admit to a problem.


We slowly made our way back up the hill to the car and had a very pleasant drive home. That’s when the trouble started …. it took both of us to get him out of the car and into the house.

Now as you all know Mr G makes very good walking sticks so I retrieved one from the selection box and handed it to him …..


Not much help really but we thought rest and a good sleep might improve things. It didn’t! Thankfully we still had the crutches I was issued with when I broke my ankle a while back so I rescued them from the loft and handed them to Mr G. I know I shouldn’t laugh but it was funny seeing him trying to manage with them and when he finally admitted it was more difficult than he thought I reminded him that he’d told me he didn’t know why I was having so much trouble when I was using them!!!!

It took four days of hopping around – making pirate jokes and searching the internet for wooden legs and wicker basket wheelchairs before I managed to persuade him to see the doctor and now he’s in the queue for an MRI scan on the knees! To provide him with some amusement during the wait for this ‘malfunction’ to be diagnosed he has bought a new laptop. You might know that it hasn’t all been plain sailing …… it arrived on Monday afternoon and by Tuesday evening was back in it’s packaging ready to be returned from whence it came.

He spent this morning researching what to get as a replacement and has now had the bright idea that he might just give it another go as all the on-line reviews are very good ….. I’m going to my shed!

I’ll keep you posted …..

Alison x


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