November already!

Goodness me, doesn’t time fly – it’s cobweb season again! I found some really dense ones this morning as well as the invisible one I walked into as I went out of the back door …… bleurgh …. all over my face and hair and with the addition of wet droplets from the damp and foggy air!

IMG_0057I’m not sure where the spiders have gone, I couldn’t see one anywhere but after weaving all this I suspect they’d crept off somewhere dry for a snooze!


Last weekend I was at the Burton Agnes Michaelmas Fair, my first venture into such a big event. My space was in a marquee and I managed to get the car unloaded and moved to the car park before it rained. There was a matting surface down but as it had been put over wet grass it wasn’t long before the wet started to seep through. Thankfully I had a tarpaulin with me (it’s always good to be prepared) so that went down under the table and my feet but with the rain coming down and the wind blowing a hoolie outside and the rising damp inside I was nithered by closing time – at which point the sun came out!

Burton Agnes

Sunday dawned bright and cold and I set forth wrapped in so many layers I could hardly move; thermal vest, tee shirt, winter fleece, fleece lined trousers, scarf, gloves and topped off with a felt hat! It certainly did the trick and I was toasty warm – and much happier all day!


I met some lovely people and had a few sales but not enough for me to be sure about booking again next year ……….


Next weekend, the 7th and 8th of November I’m heading over the Bridge to the Waters Edge Visitor Centre at Barton upon Humber for their Winter Craft Event. All the goods on sale will be handmade so there’ll be lots of interesting and unique things to see and buy; it’s not too early to get some of that Christmas shopping done!!


The event is open from 10am to 4pm on both Saturday and Sunday and there’s no admission charge; there are two cafes, one at the visitor centre and another one at the Ropewalk Gallery which is a couple of hundred yards walk away. There’s an easy walk round the site and a lot of hungry ducks to feed, I’m amazed they can still float by the end of the weekend!!!

Mr G probably won’t be with me, he’s still resting his ‘malfunctioning’ knee; he’s had an MRI scan but at the time of writing we haven’t had any results. I think he’ll make good use of two days on his own to  get some of his scientific equipment out to examine a few of the many specimens he’s collected during the summer. There’s a spectacular number of small jars containing some very questionable material on the windowsill of our downstairs loo – or as we call it “The Lavoratory”! It’s not a place for the faint hearted – unless you’re really desperate or have dirty boots on!!

You’ll have noticed I’ve been tinkering with the layout of the blog, I think it’s an improvement but would be interested to know what you think, so if you’ve time to comment I’d really appreciate it! Once I’m happy with it I’ll try and get the other sections sorted out …..

Hope to see you soon

Alison x



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