Saving a bee!

This morning  Mr G brought a very wet and tired bee into the kitchen. He put it onto a piece of dry tissue to help it to dry out and I tried to encourage it to have some sugar and water.

1 Struggling

After about 20 minutes it realised I wasn’t trying to hurt it and grabbed hold of the cocktail stick with it’s legs and began to lick the sugar syrup.

3 Getting the hang of it

It very quickly got the idea and I moved it gently towards the spoonful of sugar syrup.

4 Still hungry

Sadly we saw that the poor bee was badly infested with mites, you might just be able to see them, they look like specks of dust on the bee.  It was absolutely fascinating to watch it feeding and I was surprised to see that the bee’s tongue was about 6mm long, you can see it very clearly in the pictures.

5 Having a sugar rush

It was obviously very hungry and seemed to grow as it fed and regained its strength. It decided to make a quick dash across the worktop towards the sink and got extremely cross when we tried to divert it from the danger. After a lot of buzzing and leg waving the bee climbed back onto Mr G’s finger.

6 Feeling better

He carried the bee back outside and after a few more minutes it started to buzz and try to fly; a couple more of practice take offs and it was away.  It buzzed around our heads for a second and then headed off over the garden to freedom. We were elated!!!

So now we have a Bank Holiday Weekend ……. what shall we do?

I know …….. we’ll indulge in that fine British Bank Holiday tradition of decorating …..


……. such fun!!

We are now living with this new style until the wall dries out. Lovely isn’t it? Watching paint dry is a doddle compared to this. The next stage will be sanding the walls which will be even more delightful …. we know how to enjoy ourselves you know!!

Have a lovely weekend ….

Alison x





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