There may be trouble ahead …….

Mr G and I have been to Beverley and taken some of the goodies from The Shed to St Mary’s Church for the Art in the Aisles event tomorrow. Now I know I’ve told you about it before – it’s open from 10am to 5pm and it will be lovely to see you. Mr G is staying at home (he has ‘man things’ to do!) so Mabel the mannequin and I will be on our own but I think there may be a ‘wee’ problem ……… there’s no loo in St Mary’s Church! So a quick warning for you if you’re coming to visit  …… make sure you ‘go’ when you have the opportunity ……!



Oh and another thing – if you do come (please do!) I may have to ask you to watch over things for 5 minutes or so while I make a quick dash to Tesco to avail myself of their facilities. If I’m not about just hang around for a couple of minutes – I won’t be long! Mabel has assured me that all this doesn’t present her with any kind of a problem and she really doesn’t understand why I’m making what she calls ‘a fuss’! Ho Hum.IMG_0177

Hope to see you tomorrow …. Alison and Mabel x

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