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Traditionally all men have a shed ….. mostly to store all those bits and pieces of ‘things’ which might just come in useful one day! Tony’s ‘things’ outgrew his shed, so 4 years ago it was a case of down with the old shed and in with the new, the ‘things’ were thinned out (only a bit) – and at last he has a shed where he can actually turn around.

Tony has always enjoyed working with wood and after admiring walking sticks made by Brian Bannister from Dent in North Yorkshire, decided he would have a go at making one himself. Many hours and much sawdust later he declared himself satisfied with the result and since then has gone on to make many more sticks for friends and family. His interest in lovespoons developed over many years of visiting North Wales and he now enjoys carving these special spoons which many years ago were a traditional gift carved by a young countryman for his intended and conveyed his affection for her. There are many different symbols used in the spoons and all have their own meaning; a twisted stem means two lives becoming one, hearts symbolise love, a cross – faith in Christ and bells a wedding. Spoons can be very simple or complex and several symbols can be combined into one design to commemorate a special occasion such as a wedding or christening.

Alison has had a love of textiles and sewing for as long as she can remember and over the years amassed such a collection of fabrics, fibres, beads, threads and equipment that it was becoming almost impossible to find what was required for a project. This year after much prevarication the greenhouse was recycled to a new home in the village and replaced with a new shed for textiles. So now silk painting can be done without the kitchen being put out of action as a kitchen, the sewing machine doesn’t have to be taken off the table at teatime and all the collected ‘treasures’ have been boxed and arranged in some kind of order. The shed will be insulated and lined before winter to keep everything warm and dry including Alison and will provide a much needed workshop for silk painting, felting, fabric crafts and stitchery of all kinds.

So now you know why we call ourselves ‘fromthegardenshed’. We hope you’ll enjoy looking at pictures of some of the things we do. We’ve got just over 130 years of life’s experiences between us but we’re very new to the world of websites so be patient with us until we get the hang of  keeping things updated, we hope to be able to ‘borrow’ help from those much younger and far more computer literate than we are to keep us on the straight and narrow! We don’t  plan to hide away in our sheds all the time; we’ll be out and about at various events and will post details as we get them. If you see us please do come and have a chat, we’ll both be working at something but we’re always glad to talk and show you what we’re doing and how we do it. If you’re arranging an event and would like us to come along a do some demonstrations please let us know, part of the reason for doing this is not only for our own pleasure but also to pass on something of what we’ve learned over the years for others to enjoy.

We look forward to seeing you, in the meantime if you’d like to get in touch please use the contact page to send us your details and with a bit of luck and a following wind we’ll have learned how to respond!


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