There may be trouble ahead …….

Mr G and I have been to Beverley and taken some of the goodies from The Shed to St Mary’s Church for the Art in the Aisles event tomorrow. Now I know I’ve told you about it before – it’s open from 10am to 5pm and it will be lovely to see you. Mr G is staying at home (he has ‘man things’ to do!) so Mabel the mannequin and I will be on our own but I think there may be a ‘wee’ problem ……… there’s no loo in St Mary’s Church! So a quick warning for you if you’re coming to visit  …… make sure you ‘go’ when you have the opportunity ……!



Oh and another thing – if you do come (please do!) I may have to ask you to watch over things for 5 minutes or so while I make a quick dash to Tesco to avail myself of their facilities. If I’m not about just hang around for a couple of minutes – I won’t be long! Mabel has assured me that all this doesn’t present her with any kind of a problem and she really doesn’t understand why I’m making what she calls ‘a fuss’! Ho Hum.IMG_0177

Hope to see you tomorrow …. Alison and Mabel x

Latest News!


If any of you are free on Saturday 15th August there is an Exhibition and sale of work by ERA (East Riding Artists) in St Mary’s Church, North Bar Within, Beverley. The event is open from 10am to 5pm and I shall be there all day with a selection of goodies from The Shed. There about 20 artists exhibiting including photography, stained glass, print making and paintings in many different mediums so there should be something for all tastes. There are lots of excellent independent shops, cafes and tearooms in Beverley and of course on Saturday there is also the brilliant open market – only two minutes walk from St. Mary’s.

So, if you’re in Beverley on Saturday do please come and say hello – I’ll be on the left hand side – not far from the organ – it would be really lovely to see you!

Alison x


What a day for cricket!

Hello ……. some of you may know that I’m a bit of a cricket fan …… so with today being the first day of the fourth Test Match between England and Australia I duly tuned the radio to Radio 5 live SX this morning. Mr G promptly made his excuses and tootled down to his shed where he is preoccupied with a new project (pictures next week and it’s sort of ‘Pole Lathe part 2’) – he doesn’t understand or enjoy cricket – sad really but maybe one day I’ll get him converted!

I had a few jobs to do in the garden so foolishly decided to go and pick some of the enormous crop of brambles (blackberries if you prefer) we have in the garden – it took some time! We have one cultivated bramble and it’s about 30 feet from end to end, no thorns but quite a lot of cobwebs! I picked four and a half pounds of the things – I swear they were ripening as fast as I could pick them!










When I got back into the kitchen there was good old Geoffrey Boycott rambling on about not being able ‘to hit that one with a broom’ and I guessed England were probably in a bit of bother ……. er no ……. the Aussies in a lot of bother!!!! Poor old Henry Blofeld was almost speechless, Geoffrey was on a roll, Stuart Broad was creating mayhem – I couldn’t believe it! Needless to say that was the end of outside chores as I glued myself to the radio! My dear old thing – Australia all out for 60! Were they about to return the favour? ……. thankfully not and thanks to two splendid young Yorkshiremen, Jo Root and Jonny Bairstow, England are in the driving seat once again!

Now I’ve got that out of my system I really must go and do those outside chores; at least it will have cooled down a bit and I sincerely hope the flies and midges have decided to have an early night, they were making life a tad unpleasant earlier in the day. I’ll leave you with a picture of the result of Mr G’s day in the shed ….




Need I say more? …….

I’m back!!!!


shed3 copy 1

After so many trials and tribulations – the blog is back!!!!

There are some changes as the sharp-eyed among you will have already noticed – we are now …… drumroll ……. drrrrrrrat a tat tat …..

For reasons that I won’t go into here our previous .com website is not functioning at the moment. If and when it does it will primarily be for viewing and buying our handmade items. The blog will be on this new website and I’ll keep you posted with all the old things – like Mr G, the pole lathe and all the happenings at shedHQ; when I get myself sorted out with pictures and a few other admin bits and bobs I’ll be adding new stuff as we go along – eeeeh I’m right excited!!!!

We’ve got a visitor staying with us today; this is Tilly! WP_20150723_003[1]…… and she’s being very good, we had a long walk this morning and ventured out into the garden this afternoon where she started chasing some of the local bee population! She has since been confined to barracks as I had visions of a visit to the vet to remove a bee sting. Last time she stayed she was happy to chase feathers but she seems to have stepped up a level in the ‘dangerous’ game!

I really don’t know how this is going to turn out so I’m just going to post it as it is and deal with the fine detail tomorrow!!! Until then I’ll leave you with another photo I took in the garden last week.


Alison xx

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