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It’s been a while since the last ‘proper’ blog, so as it’s a thoroughly vile, wet day I’ll be getting on with a new one ….. just to cheer you up and remind you that the crazy world of the sheds and their inhabitants continues apace!

Mr G and I have had an adventure; not a real, real adventure with lions and tigers and other wild animals, no – we’ve been to Cardiff …… even better we’ve been to the Millenium Stadium …. to watch Wales play Ireland in the Rugby Union World Cup warm up international series. Imagine that – getting Mr G to any kind of live sports event seemed improbable but we’re both keen supporters of the Welsh RFU and these two tickets were available – so off we went armed with our Welsh flag and rugby shirts – taking Yorkshire to Wales!


Our first view of the inside of the stadium didn’t disappoint us, it was breathtaking even with the roof closed (I think because of the bright sunlight). The kick off was at 2.30pm but we took our places just after 1pm so we could see all the pre-match goings-on. There was a splendid marching band, a lot of male voice choirs all trying to out do each other and an absolutely tremendous atmosphere! Shortly before kick off a gentleman arrived in the row in front of us wearing the green shirt of a lone


Irish supporter – now almost surrounded by a sea of red shirts. A few minutes later – just before the anthems he was joined by five of the biggest Welshmen you could wish to meet and they’d been sampling the local brew! To my complete amazement the Welshmen sang the Irish National Anthem with almost as much vigour and enthusiasm as they sang their own anthem! 76,000 people of all ages in the crowd and not one jot of bother either in the stadium or outside as we arrived or departed.

Wales lost! Deservedly so! I think all the Wales fans would agree that the best team won, Ireland played a blinder. Interestingly the match series is sponsored by Dove skincare and it would seem the Welsh boys had been using too much hand cream – they just couldn’t keep hold of the ball – butter fingers or what!?

We had plenty of time to enjoy the centre of Cardiff before and after the match


and Mr G saw – and touched – the largest love spoon in the world made from the bough of a sycamore tree – I can’t remember the exact dimensions so have a look at these – apologies for the quality – I was sober I promise!!!!







So after three days of adventure we arrived home – shattered but elated! Cardiff is a wonderful city with some superb architecture but it also has modern shopping and restaurants in the St David’s Centre and yet still keeps the old passageways and individual shops in arcades which run beneath some of the huge buildings. A very friendly multicultural city; the organisers of Hull’s City of Culture 2017 should visit – they could learn a very great deal, not least about the basic stuff like crowd control and the clearing up of litter …. and the service in the cafes and restaurants ….. and the provision of adequate loos!!!!

Just to finish – last Saturday I spent the day at the East Riding Artists exhibition in St. Mary’s Church in Beverley.


Sorry – that looks like another dud photograph! Mabel (my mannequin) and I had an interesting day but felt – oh dear sorry for the pun!! – a bit outnumbered by painters! We were in a corner so only had one neighbour – a lady called Jackie Hardman, please “Google” her and see her work – she’s an outstanding artist and a very nice lady!

That’s about it for today, since getting back from Cardiff I’ve had a sniffly cold which I have successfully passed on to Mr G. He is enjoying it in a manly sort of way ….. shivering, sneezing and clutching a box of Kleenex (man size of course) He’s being taken fly fishing on Thursday – somehow I think he’ll pull through!

Alison xx




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